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Optimizing energy efficiency and revolutionizing the way it is consumed

The energy sector has always played a pivotal role when it comes to global economic development, fueling industrial growth, powering the transportation sector, meeting the ever-increasing needs of constant modernization, and improving overall living standards.

As the segment continues to meet the ever-increasing demand for global energy supply, it has now become one of the most important industries.

Protecti understands that the global energy needs must be met responsibly. Keeping in mind the challenges that the energy sector faces when it comes to sustainable sources of energy, Protecti is attempting to take energy efficiency steps that will mitigate the risks associated with environmental sustainability and climate change.

Protecti is making consistent efforts to take measures that are energy efficient and is making constant advancements in energy storage technologies that play a crucial role in creating a balanced energy supply and demand chain thereby optimizing energy consumption. By taking these necessary steps towards balancing the equation, Protecti Global Holdings aims to ensure a brighter energy future for our future generations.

The healthcare industry owes a part of its transformational journey to the innovative approaches of biotechnology. Bio-tech came in as a powerful force and introduced cutting-edge technology that spearheaded the revolution in the field of medicine, further leading up to technological breakthroughs and improved results with respect to patient outcomes.

Protecti Global Holdings Ltd envisioned biotechnology as the lifeline, one that has tremendous and unlimited potential for human life.

We realized that the industry is making advances that were previously only imaginable, and presents exciting opportunities for the medico-socio economic segment. With the objective of contributing to the overall advancement of the healthcare industry, we  set up Protecti Biotech Pvt Ltd in Bangalore, India, in April 2021 and Protecti Biotech Ltd in Moscow Russia in July 2021.

The company envisions protecting and nurturing human health and well-being as a socially connected enterprise across the globe and help address the world’s resource scarcity, including food and fuel, pressing challenges like climate change and pandemics, clean water shortages, ageing populations and cancers, among various others through every sphere of modern biotechnology.


Offering an integrated and seamless global healthcare experience


Creating opportunities for growth, while exploring mining as a significant potential for expansion

Natural resources play a pivotal role, especially where it concerns the mining industry. Protecti Global Holdings is particularly involved in the seismic scanning process when it comes to contributing to the growth of this industry.

Utilizing the power of sound waves, we explore the subsurfaces in order to identify potential areas with heavy mineral deposits. The information gathered using this technique assists mining businesses to accurately locate and analyze valuable natural resources like minerals, oil, and gas.

The seismic data collected by us is further analyzed by mining engineers, and geologists, which allows them to gain deeper insight into the many components of the resources such as its composition, the size, and the quality. This further allows the mining industry to make better decisions when it comes to finding out the feasibility of extraction and planning it better.

Additive manufacturing, also called 3D printing, is a more recent technology that is on its way to revolutionize the production of aircraft parts. Protecti Global Holdings was quick to adapt this modern technology and employs this innovative technique into creating intricate components by the layering of metals or composites that are derived from models created using digital designs.

There are a plethora of advantages to aircraft parts created using 3D manufacturing which include the following:


Reduced lead timing

Better design flexibility

Enhanced weight efficiency


The process eliminates the need for conventional subtractive manufacturing thereby minimizing material waste and allowing customization of lightweight components having optimized geometrics. Through the application of this technology, Protecti Global Holdings aims to contribute to the aerospace industry by fuelling the development process, helping maintain cost-effectiveness and ultimately manufacturing highly efficient and dependable aircraft structures.


Innovative technology that significantly contributes to the advancement of the aerospace industry


Playing a pivotal role in ensuring food security, safety, and quality

Protecti Global Holdings strives to be deeply involved in the agro-industry by assuming a crucial position at every stage of the process; starting from the production, to the processing, and the distribution.

We work closely with industry experts and provide them with the required resources, knowledge, and technology, which can help optimize agricultural practices.By ensuring that the industry practices sustainable and efficient techniques, we help contribute to the food supply chain.

Additionally, we also have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure that the food products meet all necessary standards of safety and hygiene.

Protecti Global Holdings also specializes in real-estate infrastructure and interior designing by providing a consolidated range of solutions and services that satisfactorily meet the diverse needs of different real estate projects.

Our design and development expertise lies in providing clients with efficient and sustainable solutions that seamlessly blend with their surroundings. We have a proficient team of experts who collaborate with industry professionals to create aesthetically appealing structures which are functional, durable, and in total compliance with real estate industry standards.

Our objective is to transform spaces and bring our clients’ vision to life.


Specializing in real estate infrastructure and interior design, we  offer high-quality services and top-notch solutions for various projects


Unveiling the power of what lies subsurface

Protecti Global Holdings has employed high-grade technologies to provide seismic surveys to diverse industries. By investigating the depths of the earth, we enable geologists and scientists to unlock deeper insights about what lies beneath in terms of structure and composition. Our innovative survey process helps generate and record seismic waves, that help provide crucial information regarding the exploration of resources, help assess geotechnical scenarios, and mitigate any possible hazards.
Through this service, Protecti Global Holdings aims to gain a better understanding of the planet’s dynamic parameters to ultimately facilitate better decision-making in the various industries that we serve.